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TrumpetBox is dedicated fulfilling his will.


This device Broadcasts The King James Bible in a Mobile-First application via wifi. Once downloaded, it provides full functionality, even when no internet connection is available.

TrumpetBox supports any wifi compatible mobile device.


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Read Pane

From the Read Pane, you may read the King James Bible by selecting a chapter or by selecting a saved bookmark.


TrumpetBox uses five Panes: Read, Contents, Bookmarks, Search, and Help.

On smaller devices, only one Pane is visible at a time. Tap the desired Pane button to display that Pane. Tap the Search Back button to return to the Read Pane.

On larger devices, the Read Pane is always visible and a single sidebar displays either the Contents, Bookmarks, Search, or Help Pane. Tap the desired Pane button to display that Pane in the sidebar.

The Read Pane navigation bar contains the following buttons:

  • Contents - Displays the current chapter (e.g., Genesis 1) and opens the Contents Pane
  • Bookmarks - Opens the Bookmarks Pane
  • Search - Opens the Search Pane
  • Search - Opens the Help Pane
  • Search - Selects the One Column Mode
  • Search - Selects the Two Column Mode
  • Search - Selects the Three Column Mode

Selecting Scripture Font

You may select a scripture font from several available fonts. From the Help Pane, tap the Settings Settings button. Tap the Next Next or Previous Previous button to scroll through available fonts.

Selecting a Chapter

Tap the Contents button to open the Contents Pane and select another chapter by the following steps:

  • Tap the OT or NT button to display a list of either Old Testament or New Testament book names, respectively.
  • Tap a Book Name button from the list to display a list of chapters in that book.
  • Tap the desired Chapter Number button to display the selected chapter in the Read Pane.

Using Bookmarks

Tap the Bookmarks Bookmarks button to open the Bookmarks Pane and display a list of user-selected bookmarks for easy navigation.

Tap a verse reference in the Bookmarks Pane to open the Read Pane at the selected verse.

To add a Bookmark, tap the text of a verse in the Read Pane. The verse is highlighted blue to indicate that the verse is bookmarked.

Tap the Sort Ascending Sort Ascending button or the Sort Descending Sort Descending button in the Bookmarks Pane to sort the bookmarks.

Tap the Select Select button in the Bookmarks Pane to enter/exit the Select Mode.

In Select Mode, tap on a Bookmark button to select/deselct a bookmark. A selected bookmark may be manipulated by the following buttons:

  • Up - Moves the bookmark up in the list
  • Down - Moves the bookmark down in the list
  • Delete - Deletes the bookmark

A bookmark may also be deleted by tapping the text of a bookmarked verse in the Read Pane (verse highlight is removed).

Using the Clipboard

Tap a verse number in the Read Pane to copy that verse to the system clipboard. The verse is briefly highlighted green to indicate it has been copied to the clipboard.


Scripture Font Family


The King James Wifi Bible Broadcast Device.

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