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COVID-19 Spread Event Simulator

An event that is attended by one or more people infected with COVID-19 along with many uninfected people and as result an infectious outbreak occurs is considered a super-spreader event. The TrumpetBox Contactless Kiosk System's COVID-19 Spread Simulator replicates physical behavior at events or venues, demonstrates the possibility of how an outbreak may occur, and how the spread may accelerate as the crowd grows.

A lot of environmental factors may effect how an infectious virus spreads throughout an event or venue. The COVID-19 Spread Simulator provides insights to help limit the spread.

This should not be considered medical guidance. Please refer to the to CDC guidelines, collect customer contact data, and have a system in place to rapidly notify those who may have been exposed so that the oubreak can be contained.

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Watch as the COVID-19 Virus Spreads

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