We offer more than 12 validators, including email address, number, date, url, credit card, equalTo, phone number, pattern validators and more. TrumpetBox required field validation also gives you a second protection to make sure you have the data you want.
We help you to increase form completion by your clients by splitting long forms into multiple steps.
We offer smart forms with Conditional Logic to show, hide, disable, enable or jump to a field. The TrumpetBox's use of Conditional Logic is a smart way to hide the complexity of your form. It's a great way to achieve better user experience, and leaves a good branding impression to your clients.
We can add custom images to single choice (radio buttons), multiple choice (checkboxes), and dropdown fields to make your form more appealing and interactive.
To prevent damage from over heating in less than ideal conditiopns, the TrumpetBox Aura Os has temperature monitoring and fan control.
To prevent disc corruption and data loss due to improper shutdown, TrumpetBox Aura OS has built in power button controls for soft shut-down, forced shut down, and reboot.
On your TrumpetBox upload fields allow your clients to upload multiple files with type and size configurations and send it as email attachments or as download links depending on your set-up.
With the proper configuration, when a client sends a form submission, you have options to be notified by email or by phone text message. If you want to, you can also send a email/sms notification to your client too.
Easily collect signatures from clients on forms directly on their mobile phones.
You have the option to save collected form data to your database.
You can use custom images and video to increase usability and branding.
With TrumpetBox it is possible to pas URL variables to a form. It will automatically set values to fields when your interface is loaded in loaded on your clients phone.
TrumpetBox allows you to filter a dropdown field's options by another selected dropdown value elsewhere, it's simple and easy.
With TrumpetBox you can decorate input fields with text and icons, we all want our forms to be beautiful and professional.
Make your Date more accurate and increase completion rates with options that set date format, week start, start date, end date, and disabled date. This will help your users to pick the right date.
Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation with notice for your clients.
Incorporate branding efforts with a custom memeorible URL for your clients to easily access advanced features.
Get a custom WordPress plugin to collect data online for consistent branding.
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